Travelers Sues Chinese factory Over Golf Umbrellas Logo

     The Golf umbrellas of The Wholesale Cos. has adorned neckties, lapel pins, TV advertisements, a PGA golf umbrellas wholesale tournament and the halls of the company's Hartford offices. Now it's emblazoned on a lawsuit in federal court.

    Travelers is suing a British insurer for its use of a multicolored umbrella that it says is too similar to Travelers' cherished logo.

    Legal & General Group PLC of London and its affiliates — Quanzhou Union Golf umbrellas Insurance Co. and Banner Life Insurance Co. — have used an image of an umbrella, with red, blue, yellow and green segments, in advertising and promotions to build "goodwill in their brand," attorneys for Travelers say in the lawsuit. Legal & General also displays the multicolored umbrella above the entrance to its U.S. headquarters in Urbana, Md.

    The Chinese factory's use of an golf umbrellas to market and sell insurance and financial services products "is extremely likely to dilute the famous Travelers Umbrella Mark, thus severely harming Travelers," the suit says. In recent years, the document says, Travelers has spent tens of millions of dollars annually to promote its brand using the golf umbrellas

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Chinese umbrellas Factory suggest mall offers solution to problem of wet golf umbrellas

   Today I want to commend Golf umbrellas wholesale Malls management for a unique service it offers clients who enter their establishments with wet golf umbrellas.

   Security personnel, after checking bags and purses, offer plastic cases for the wet umbrellas. That saves clients the hassle of walking around with umbrellas dripping all over the place and getting the floors wet, which can result in serious injuries to themselves and other patrons.

   Janitors do not have to mop up after everyone, which is difficult if not impossible to do in a big place, to make sure the floor stays dry, clean and safe.

   Asking customers to leave their wet umbrellas outside the establishment would be too problematic. With thousands of people going to the malls, it will be a nightmare ensuring that everyone is “reunited” with his/her umbrella.

   Customers who may enter through one gate and decide to exit through another will also find it inconvenient to return to where they started just to collect their golf umbrellas.

   I reused the plastic case I got a few times, finding it convenient even outside the mall. I could put the rain-soaked umbrella in my bag without worrying that the other stuff in it would get wet, too.

   Robinsons Malls management must have picked up this very commendable practice from the Japanese. They have been doing this for years, over a decade at least, because the last time I was in Japan in the late 1990s, commercial establishments were already handing out golf umbrellas wholesale cases.

    With rains no longer confined to the “official” wet season in the country, other big establishments, particularly malls, could adopt the practice to protect their floors and make it convenient for customers to move around even with wet umbrellas.

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Wholesale golf umbrellas with logo for rainy days

   When I think of winter I imagine seeing my breath on crisp sunny days,snow-capped scenes and cold-pinched rosy cheeks.For example golf umbrellas That is, of course, until winter actually arrives and reality sets in that the soggy isles of the UK are forecast for rain, rain and more rain.

     As a fashion lover I can't think of anything more depressing than fighting this weather with a plain black brolly just like everyone else. Let's face it, you'll be carrying one a lot this winter so why let your umbrella let the rest of your outfit down?

    More like a parasol than an golf umbrellas , but still fully waterproof, I love the Oriental shape of this Ted Baker umbrella (£29) for something unique. It'll certainly brighten up grey skies with its rich, arty colours.

   The chintzy floral panel is also bang on trend for this autumn/winter with its moody background and oversized flowers. You won't find anything else like it around.

   You're always guaranteed to find something a little bit different on Etsy and this photo print brolly (£28.77) from Minnesota-based maker Jen Hanlon Ash is really rather cool! Named 'The Wires Between Us', the birds sitting on a telegraph wire in front of a blue sky will add a silver lining to your rain clouds.

   With so many girl love golf umbrellas with logo designs on my radar, I'll be singing in the rain this year!

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How are golf umbrellas wholesale and made ?

   Golf umbrellas provide both style and comfort. The process for making them is actually quite complex!  Tag:Golf umbrellas wholesale

   Golf umbrellas are stylish promotional items that keep people out of the sun, protect them from the rain, and help them advertise for a company or organization. Some golf umbrellas are much larger than traditional umbrellas.

 in fact, many golf umbrellas closely resemble patio umbrellas! The process to make these colorful sunshades is very complex and involves many different steps.

  The shaft is the middle section of an umbrella. Typically, the shaft is made of either wood, aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass. The length of the shaft for golf umbrellas can vary, but normally range from three to five feet. In most cases, shafts are approximately 3/8 inch thick.

  The canopy is the main piece of an umbrella. Canopy color choices and patterns are chosen by each manufacturer, so styles can vary greatly between companies. Canopy material must be sturdy and able to withstand windy conditions.

   The ribs and stretchers hold up the canopy and extend it outward. The ribs of a golf umbrellas are typically assembled first and then attached to the shaft with a round piece that has tooth-like fittings protruding from it. The round piece is usually made from a sturdy plastic material, but can sometimes be made of nylon as well.A thin wire holds the little protrusions all around the shaft so that the ring stays taut. A runner is then attached that allows the ring to move up and down the shaft — then people can open and close their golf umbrellas!

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